• Technology Leadership

Global Infrastructure

A Technology Infrastructure Engineered for Health

IMS Health maintains one of the largest, most powerful technology infrastructures for the healthcare industry. Engineered to address the complexity of global health data management, it supports industry-leading scalability, security and analytics:

  • More than 55 billion healthcare transactions processed annually, covering 100+ countries
  • Raw data from 100,000+ suppliers cleansed, coded and integrated through proprietary technologies—representing 10+ petabytes of unique healthcare data
  • Vast “knowledge banks” of structured and unstructured healthcare information
  • Patented encryption engine to anonymize and link healthcare information
  • Performance measurement and trending across products, providers, payers and patient populations

Data Standards and Interoperability

Sophisticated Approaches for a Trusted Global View

IMS Health has developed sophisticated systems and processes for data exchange, bridging and storage. We are able to integrate and harmonize data regardless of where it comes from or how it is collected—enabling clients to make comparisons across geographic markets, follow trends over time and understand practices and results across healthcare settings.

We create this unified view by:

  • Conforming to global, regional and country-specific data standards used in clinical practice
  • Adopting the latest technology standards for system interoperability
  • Participating in standards development organizations
  • Following best practices in applying data and privacy standards
  • Providing data standards in countries where none exist

Statistics Expertise

Applying Analytical Power to Our Information Assets

IMS Health’s worldwide team of more than 250 statisticians gives clients confidence in the integrity of our information and the validity of the findings they draw from it. Our statistical experts excel at:

  • Ensuring statistical representation, quality and completeness of our information assets
  • Producing comparable insights across geographies, time periods and healthcare settings
  • Developing advanced analytical methodologies to extract meaning from big data
  • Applying proprietary methodologies for performance measurement, healthcare analytics and patient treatment views in client studies

Intellectual Property

Leading the Market through Innovation

Thousands of IMS Health statisticians, economists, healthcare analysts, MDs, chemists and IT experts collaborate to develop breakthrough ideas and technologies with the power to revolutionize healthcare. Our intellectual property assets include proprietary technology platforms and software applications, leading-edge predictive analytics and expertise to connect and analyze big data sources. We hold numerous patents and vigorously seek protection for our innovative systems, processes and solutions that include:

  • Data encryption, projection and visualization
  • Advanced analytics and decision-support tools
  • Forecasting methodologies
  • Technology platforms for data storage, integration and access