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Working with Large Scale Data Queries to Discover Refinements at Scale


Agility is the new core competency in healthcare. Life sciences and pharmaceutical organizations need flexible analytics to surface opportunities in real time for sales and marketing teams, and the data sets are growing as customer engagements grow in complexity.

IMS Health has optimized Nexxus Marketing reporting for large scale aggregate data queries. This evolution of the distributed reporting data store infrastructure, which powers Nexxus Insight within Nexxus Marketing, provides options for greater scalability and performance.

Through this enhancement, pharma marketers using Nexxus marketing can understand multichannel reach campaigns and their impacts on business metrics through standard out of the cloud campaign reports. Nexxus Marketing also provides ad hoc report creation capabilities to meet specific and complex business needs and open data base connectivity for even broader access to data.

Performance and Scale

Our continuous investments in Nexxus Marketing have enhanced the product and improved performance and scale. The enhanced architecture helps organizations get richer analysis faster with average query improvement showing a 10X improvement to the speed of query execution.

3rd Party Application Access

The days of exporting data and shipping it to an external analyst firm are numbered. Nexxus Marketing gives customers broad access to their data to analyze with SQL and other third party tools in addition to Nexxus Insight. Now organizations have the flexibility to get the most value out of their data using the applications and processes they already depend on.

As healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceutical sales and marketing increase analytics sophistication, speed, scale, and data access, the tool of choice becomes more important. With Nexxus Marketing customers can write queries using their own tools directly against the data in a scalable and performant way.

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