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A Smart Way to Launch Quickly, Efficiently and Cost-Effectively


by Lynn Swanson, Engagement Manager

The impact of the changing life sciences landscape on a brand or product launch is profound, as any brand manager can tell you. The new environment means tighter budgets, faster timelines, heightened pressure to connect with customers and greater reliance on digital technology.

While brilliant creative is more important than ever in reaching target audiences, brand managers are finding that a quick start with a few basics gets brands out of the gate faster with a greater chance for success.

What do customers want?

What do brands need?

What can we do QUICKLY to meet these demands?

Our experience shows that early deployment of these three elements gives brands and their agencies a head start:

  • Website
  • Co-pay or savings card
  • Call center

This basic package, which can be implemented with standard documentation in just weeks, improves the process and allows marketers and brand managers to:

  • Initiate an opt-in relationship
  • Capture customer data
  • Work through the database platform in a reasonable time frame
  • Get initial feedback

Once these basics are in place, brands and agencies can gather customer information, take a pulse and adjust their creative accordingly.

A life sciences company approached us recently for help in launching a new brand. We worked with them to implement a campaign using a basic website, call center and savings card. The initial campaign was fairly simple, consisting of two journeys: 1) people who are interested and want information, and 2) those that are starting therapy and want to register for the savings card. They became part of a designated loyalty program. We held a kick-off meeting at the end of March and were ready to launch in June.

Build Once, Implement Often
No one has to re-invent the wheel. The documentation and processes are generally the same across the board. Using a standard package to develop and implement the website, co-pay or savings card and call center as a first step enables brands to move quickly and build a solid foundation for creative.