• Core Strengths

Unique Foundation for Driving Healthcare Performance

IMS Health is the world's leading global company operating at the heart of what’s shaping the future of healthcare: information and technology services. By connecting our assets and expertise across these areas, we’re able to create solutions in a way that no one else can.

Global Customer Base

More than 5,000 customers—including government agencies, payers, providers and nearly every major pharmaceutical and biotech company worldwide—rely on our information, services and technologies to guide strategic and tactical planning and drive more effective marketplace interactions.

Expert Resources

Unique Foundation for Driving Healthcare Performance

Our team of 7,000+ sales, services and consulting professionals deploy anytime, anywhere solutions tuned to clients’ precise requirements.

Nearly 1,200 IMS Health experts—including clinicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, data scientists, healthcare economists and software developers—work with our data and technologies to deliver the connected insights that help clients drive their performance.

Unparalleled Data Assets

IMS Health has assembled one of the world’s largest collections of healthcare information. Sourced from more than 100,000 data suppliers worldwide, our information assets span sales, prescription and promotional data, patient anonymous medical claims and electronic health records, and consumer attitudes and behaviors tracked through social media.

  • 15+ PB unique healthcare data
  • 500+ million patient-anonymous records
  • 14+ million healthcare professionals and organizations
  • 800,000+ data feeds
  • 300,000+ sources of social media

Robust Technology Infrastructure

A market leader for more than 60 years, IMS Health is the original big data company in healthcare. We use our global IT infrastructure to help our customers run their organizations more efficiently. And we process more than 55 billion healthcare transactions annually to generate the insights they need.

Global Infrastructure

Offering Development and Delivery Hubs

East Coast Hubs 
Offering Development & Delivery
The East Coast Operations Hubs develop and deliver global technology solutions focused on innovative end-to-end applications and analytics that support pharmaceutical commercial processes. These offerings leverage thousands of proprietary methodologies to strengthen and illuminate decision-making.

London, United Kingdom
Offering Development & Delivery
The London Operations Hub focuses on developing and delivering Global Market Insights and Real-World Evidence Services that enable clients to gain deeper knowledge on the healthcare marketplace and patient outcomes.

Paris, France 
Offering Development & Delivery
The Paris Operations Hub focuses on global technology solutions for reference data management and primary market research that improve insights on healthcare providers.

Seattle, Washington 
Offering Development & Delivery
The Seattle Development Hub creates innovative global SaaS solutions to power our analytics and applications.

Centers of Excellence–Global and Regional Hubs

Bangalore, India
Center of Excellence
With a team of 1,900+ experts in life sciences and healthcare analytics—and a suite of best-in-class processes—the Bangalore Center supports services delivery, software development, data management and systems support.

Beijing, China
Center of Excellence
The Beijing Center of Excellence is home to IMS Health’s innovative and patented statistical methodologies. More than 200 experts in statistics and analytics apply these methodologies to transform information into insight.

Madrid, Spain
Center of Excellence
In Madrid, our experts code and manage core reference data for IMS Health worldwide. More than 200 IT and medical specialists, with native skills in 15+ languages, link information assets through sophisticated platforms for master data management.

Manila, Philippines
Center of Excellence
Manila’s Bridging and Coding Center of Excellence combines IT and medical resources—with 750 specialists in healthcare and IT, including 200 nurses—to clean and standardize information from data suppliers around the world.

Istanbul, Turkey
Regional Center of Excellence
The Istanbul Operations Hub provides language-specific production services for Africa, the Middle East and South and East Europe.

Santiago, Chile
Regional Center of Excellence
The Santiago Operations Hub provides time-zone sensitive production services for the Americas.

Mexico, Mexico City
Regional Operations Hub
This broad Operations Hub, serves Spanish-speaking Latin America with experts in technology services delivery and production.