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Multichannel Marketing

Break through the Noise

There are more influencers who need to hear your message, but they rely less on you for brand information and turn to unmanaged sources online:

  • 50+ alternative channels exist today, including e-detailing, social media, virtual speaker programs and more
  • 87% of physicians use a smartphone or tablet in their workplace
  • 67% of physicians use social media professionally

Unlock the Potential of Multichannel Marketing and Be Heard

Gain visibility into what strategies and tactics get results with our unique data assets, integrated applications and advanced analytics:

  • Engage customers more effectively by identifying, tracking and respecting their communication preferences
  • Drive better business outcomes by integrating touch points such as social media, customer responses and industry data at the contact level

Orchestrated Customer Engagement in Action

Digital media is no longer a curiosity to observe from the sidelines:

  • Listen to your community and identify which topics are top of mind
  • Create personalized journeys on the channels your customers prefer
  • Put information at your sales force’s fingertips so they make the most of every interaction

Foster Stronger Relationships with Your Customers Using Nexxus™ Marketing

Deliver personalized conversations at a global scale on your customers' preferred channels:

  • Quickly create customer segments across behavior, attitudinal and demographic attributes
  • Easily discover and understand your customers’ individual preferences for consuming information and provide them with the resources they seek
  • Maximize business performance by ensuring your campaigns are both functional and effective, utilizing insights that tell you what’s working—and what’s not

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Create a Personalized Customer Experience with Nexxus™ Mobile Intelligence

Develop your sales representatives into trusted advisors:

  • Increase your understanding of customer interaction preferences
  • Empower sales and marketing teams with easy-to-use, built-in capabilities that help them deliver valued information during every conversation
  • Increase productivity by seamlessly integrating Nexxus™ Mobile Intelligence with other systems to meet your unique and changing business needs

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Transform Unstructured Data into Insights with Nexxus™ Social

 Make the most of market opportunities by accurately monitoring your reputation and review, in real-time, what's being said across social media channels:

  • Understand consumer and physician behavior and brand sentiment
  • Identify and observe key opinion leaders and learn about what they care about most
  • Build awareness and increase the effectiveness of conversations with automated alerts for your sales team

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Create Deliberate Sales with Nexxus™ Incent

Deliberate sales happen when sales teams are adequately motivated and given unambiguous direction. Nexxus™ Incent helps you build and maintain incentive compensation plans that drive results by keeping sales teams focused and inspired to make progress towards their goals.

  • Easily access information needed to set-up your sales teams for success
  • Provide the right incentives, mapped to organizational strategies
  • Optimize plans and maintain compliance and reporting standards by securely sharing information through a role-based platform

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QuintilesIMS Multichannel Marketing Solutions

Drive improved marketing and sales performance with technology solutions that help you personalize conversations on a global scale.

QuintilesIMS is uniquely positioned to provide the data, technology, and expert services that help you make every engagement count.

Featured Thought Leadership

Build Customer Trust & Loyalty Through More Effective Engagement

This innovative strategy focuses on aligning sales and marketing functions, integrating customer-engagement activities across the organization, and supporting it all with a foundation of robust information management. In doing this, OCE enables companies to manage an increasingly complex mix of direct and indirect communication channels, and achieve more productive engagement with all customer segments. 

The Essential European Revolution: Why Multichannel is Vital for Europe

As a key market for growth for companies with innovative and protected products, especially specialty/biologic launches, understanding the nuances with the European market in regards to digital and tailoring a multi-channel strategy to fit will be essential for success.

Three Myths of Multichannel Marketing

Three Myths of Multichannel Marketing Identifying and overcoming the barriers to a truly effective multichannel marketing model By Sarah Rickwood, Vice President, European Thought Leadership, QuintilesIMS.

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