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Rules of Engagement


by Bob Harrell, Director of Marketing

Are your customers committed? Is it true love…or a mere flirtation? As you are down on bent knee, professing undying devotion to your customers, are their eyes—and hearts—wandering?

Relationships take time—and work. Make sure yours is on solid ground with these five basic tenets of customer engagement.

“The measure principle.” Where is the relationship going? It’s important to be able to answer that question honestly and succinctly. Establishing clear—and quantifiable—Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) keeps you focused on progress—and aligned as an organization on what constitutes success. What good looks and feels like. KPIs translate complex and squishy metrics into simple indicators. Develop them. Use them. Live by them.

“Love at first site?” Or is there more love at the second? A/B testing supports website optimization by testing and validating changes to your website design. Beauty is only skin deep, so the page you deem prettier or sexier may not appeal to your customers and ultimately may not support your organizational goals. As in all relationships, communication is paramount: before you commit to the big change, see what your significant others—your customers—think.

“I need my space.” In marketing, as in relationships, the Goldilocks principle of “just right” reigns supreme. Finding the perfect balance of communications and touch points with beloved customers is tricky. Too many and you overwhelm or smother them. Too few and you may find someone else sleeping in your bed. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder, but neither does an overbearing presence that’s too big or too hot. Finding that middle place is key to a communications program that is reasonable, respectful, and mutually beneficial.

“Don't take your relationship for granted.” Does your CRM need a little TLC? Relationships take work: a sound relationship management strategy will set you on the path to bliss. From call center efficiency to a “feel the love” customer service model, the right RM strategy demonstrates an unassailable commitment to customers. It’s the least you can do.

“We need to talk.” Ah…the dreaded four words that have launched a thousand breakups. But in the marketing space, talk is not cheap. A silo approach to marketing means moving parts that could be working at cross-purposes. Alignment of internal constituents and outside agencies is a must to avoid redundancy or missed opportunity.

Will you promise to love, honor and cherish your customers? If you expect them to forsake all others, you must. Act now…or forever hold your peace.