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Commercial & Brand Teams

Move at the Speed of RWE
Why Wait?

  • Get closer to critical insights more quickly
  • Get your product to market faster
  • Avoid delays in patient access
  • Inform commercial spend decisions and increase productivity

A New Generation of On-Demand Research

Anonymous patient data (e.g., electronic medical records, claims data and lab data), can now be used together to provide a more complete view of what truly happens in healthcare.

Technology-Enabled Analytics Unlocks the Value of Real-World Data

  • Access the real-world data you need—Identify data sources to answer desired research questions; gain access to datasets to analyze while ensuring patient privacy.
  • Create datasets—Bring data across sources as needed and appropriate for analysis leveraging innovative technologies.
  • Analyze the data—Use scientific rigor, clear governance and advanced analytic and processing capabilities.

Examples of what is possible with RWE:

  • Find out what is really driving adherence

  • Understand unmet needs

  • Identify high-potential indications

  • Spot gaps in physician adoption

Capture the $1B Opportunity

Why Now?

Advanced analytics, technology, data management approaches and new innovations make it possible to bring relevant data together easily and accurately.

Look at Brand Performance with a New Lens

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