• The IMS Institute in China | IMS中国医疗健康信息学院

About the Institute in China

The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics in China is developing partnerships with institutions and individuals to reinforce the value of information and analytics in decision making across a range of healthcare issues in this extensive, complex and rapidly developing market.

Intent on helping accelerate actions critical to China’s healthcare system, the IMS China Institute will deliver objective, relevant insights and research that drive understanding in supporting the Chinese government’s aggressive healthcare goals. The Institute is leveraging existing programs and relationships to ensure healthcare improves rapidly and becomes more universally accessible to the vast population in this country.

Areas of Focus

The Institute's China branch has two primary focus areas:

  • Conducting research in collaboration with Chinese government bodies as well as institutes that support the government on healthcare matters. While embracing the research agenda of the global Institute, the China branch will concentrate exclusively on the Chinese market.
  • Providing training on the effective use of information in decision making and policy development for a variety of healthcare stakeholders, including government officials, hospital administrators, and those who are supporting the development of the life sciences sector in China.

Advisory Board

Initial members of the Advisory Board include:

  • Prof. Hu Shanlian, head of the Shanghai Health Development Research Center
  • Prof. Chen Yude, Director Emeritus of the Peking University School of Public Health
  • Prof. Dai Tao, head of the Institute of Medical Information at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Prof. Zhang Zhenzhong, Director General of the China National Health Development Research Center
  • Prof. Liang Minghui, head of the National Institute of Hospital Administration
  • James Liu, former head of Novartis' China and Taiwan operations and former chair of several local associations that support R&D-based pharmaceutical companies, who also will fill a part-time role as professor at the China branch of the Institute.

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