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Undergraduate & Graduate Applicants

Getting experience at a top consulting firm provides a solid foundation from which you can construct your professional path. IMS Consulting Group (IMSG) looks for exceptional graduate and post-graduate candidates from top universities with a desire to learn, grow and lead.

People who start out with the IMSG team pursue a variety of different professions following their time as a consultant. The training and experience you will gain will give you a diverse resume, an outstanding skill set, and a myriad of options that will enable you to progress and thrive in your career pursuits.

Experienced Professionals

We pride ourselves on empowering our leaders to entrepreneurially collaborate and engage healthcare leaders on their most important issues. Our depth of expertise across commercial functions and therapeutic areas, our presence in local markets across five continents, and privileged access to IMS Health data enables us to:

  • Support distinctive analysis
  • Provide global insights
  • Implement recommendations that are unparalleled amongst other consulting firms

We have worked in more than 100 therapeutic areas across 55 countries in the last several years, giving us a differentiated understanding of global healthcare.

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We have open undergraduate and graduate positions in Asia, the Americas and Europe, along with positions for experienced professionals. Open positions for undergraduates and graduates include: 

  • Senior consultants
  • Analysts
  • Interns

We are also hiring experienced professionals. For more information, email IMSCG at contact.us@imscg.com

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