• Why IMS Health? What Our People Say

Ayse Ates, Client Services Director, Istanbul, Turkey

When Ayse first came to work for IMS Health Turkey 20 years ago, there were only three people in her office. Together with her colleagues, Ayse helped build a strong team that provides the highest levels of service to all of IMS Health's Turkey's clients, as well as those in the region.

"IMS Health has been like a school for me," she says. "I've learned so much from the talented people around me. Now, I'm committed to sharing my expertise with others. Our office is known for the outstanding quality of our data and our sales teams, and we were the first in our region to build consulting and production capabilities. I'm especially proud of our region-leading customer loyalty scores and the fact that we've delivered double digit growth almost every year."

As Ayse explains, success breeds success. "Even after all these years, I'm still excited about working at IMS Health. How can I not be? The team is dynamic and energetic, and our shared passion for winning makes us closer and gives us strength, motivation and a lot of satisfaction."

Erick Ayala, Sr. Manager, Thought Leadership & Client Services, Mexico

Erick joined IMS Health's Guatemala office in 1995, where he and his colleagues worked to expand the company's Central American footprint and increase the level of its operations and services. A computer specialist with expertise in software development, Erick had no prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

"The company transferred my family and me to Mexico, where I became head of operations," Erick says. "Five years ago, I was asked to take on my current customer service role."

For Erick, working at IMS Health has been a rewarding experience both personally and professionally." After 17 years I can still say I am proud to belong to this organization. Meeting and learning from the many talented people around me, combined with the opportunity for professional growth, have undoubtedly been the best things about working here."

Phil D'Errico, Principal, Commercial Effectiveness Services, Canada

Phil joined IMS Health in 2003 with experience in customer support, IT and Fraud Prevention for the online banking industry. "I wanted a new challenge in a new industry, and I wanted to work for a global company,” Phil says. "I found IMS on the list of top 50 employers to work for in Canada and was immediately attracted by the pivotal role IMS Health plays in the healthcare industry."

In the years since, Phil has held a range of positions of increasing responsibility in IT, change and service level management, operations and, most recently, consulting. Today, he leads a consulting practice that offers a suite of services to address clients' evolving needs and challenges.

"The ability to innovate and be the partner of choice for pharmaceutical and life science clients is really rewarding for me on a personal level," Phil explains. "I work with some fantastic colleagues and what drives me the most is that I continue to learn every day. We are shaping the future of healthcare."

Irma Hamilton, Senior Alliance Program Coordinator, United States

Irma is a Senior Alliance Program Coordinator at IMS Health, where she monitors the activities of third-party providers and partners who use IMS Health products and services. "I have always been fascinated by the ever-changing, fast-paced nature of the healthcare industry," says Irma, "and I came to IMS Health to be part of an organization that provides services that have a direct impact on the lives of patients.“

As the liaison between our Sales team and our pharma clients, Irma manages the day-to-day operations of the third-party agreement process and plays a key role in the development and implementation of IMS Health's policies and compliance standards. Her years at IMS Health have been "extremely rewarding—filled with excitement, new challenges, personal and professional growth and the chance to work with talented people both within and outside of the company.

"The most fulfilling aspect of working at IMS Health is knowing that I'm contributing to services that help our clients develop and deliver high-quality, innovative therapies all over the world. I look forward to being a part of new advancements and successes in the years to come."

Harshan Bhangdia, Vice President, Controller and Principal Accounting Officer, United States

Harshan joined IMS Health's Finance team in 2001 as Assistant Controller. Since then, he’s held several roles of increasing responsibility, including leading IMS Health's Financial Reporting and Shared Business Services organizations and serving as vice president and chief financial officer of the company’s Consulting and Services operations.

Harshan has been a key player in a lot of important changes that have taken place during his time with the company. In 2004 and 2005, for example, he designed and implemented internal controls for financial reporting to satisfy U.S. legislative requirements. He’s also participated on teams responsible for the financial aspects of key acquisitions and divestitures, as well as taking the company private in 2010. Through every challenge and change, he says, it was IMS Health people who made the difference.