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    • Transforming Technology: The Future of the CIO in the Life Sciences

      13 Jul 2016

      Pharmaceutical Executive

      Pharm Exec editor-in-chief, Bill Looney, recently moderated a CIO roundtable discussion on how technology is transforming the life sciences industry, as well as the role of C-level technology executives. 

    • IMS Health and Reltio Tighten their Collaboration

      16 Jun 2016

      Pharmaceutical Commerce

      The alliance between IMS Health and Reltio will provide the life sciences industry with advanced big data technologies, high-performance analytics and healthcare information capabilities.

    • Pharmaceutical Market Europe: Transformational Technology: Big data, the cloud and the value of insights

      02 May 2016

      The advent of the big data era has produced a big challenge for pharma and, with the continued growth and influence of mobile, wearable devices, machine learning and the internet-of-things, the size of the challenge won’t be shrinking any time soon.

    • Pharma Needs Hybrid Sales and Marketing Rep

      18 Apr 2016


      Pharma can achieve substantially improved commercial effectiveness by orchestrating a truly integrated effort between sales and marketing teams.  

    • Reuters: U.S. prescription drug spending to hit $400 billion a year by 2020: IMS

      14 Apr 2016

      U.S. annual spending on prescription medicines will increase 22 percent over the next five years, climbing as high as $400 billion in 2020, according to a report released by health care information company IMS Health Holdings Inc on Thursday.

    • Bloomberg: Prescription Drug Spending Hits Record $425 Billion in U.S.

      14 Apr 2016

      Spending on prescription drugs in the U.S. rose 12 percent to a record $425 billion before discounts last year, boosted in part by the introduction of breakthrough medicines for cancer and the growing number of patients seeking treatment for hepatitis C.

    • Wall Street Journal: U.S. Drug Spending Climbs

      14 Apr 2016

      Total spending on prescription drugs in the U.S. rose 12.2% to nearly $425 billion in 2015, continuing a steep climb fueled by the introduction in recent years of expensive new drugs for cancer and infections, as well as price hikes for older drugs, according to a new report.

    • Associated Press: Report: US medicine spending up 8.5 percent 2015

      14 Apr 2016

      A report from data firm IMS Health estimates patients, insurers, government programs and other payers spent a combined $309.5 billion last year on prescription medicines.

    • Forbes: Double-Digit Growth In Drug Spending Slows As Insurers Fight Back

      14 Apr 2016

      Thanks to rebates and other concessions awarded by pharma companies angling to get their new products onto insurance formularies, the net spending on drugs was $310 billion in 2015, growing only 8.5% from the previous year. And the average net price for existing brands rose just 2.8%—a significantly lower rate of growth than what was seen in previous years.

    • Breaking Barriers to Innovation

      08 Apr 2016


      Robert Chu, IMS Health's SVP Technology Solutions, advising on the necessity of eliminating technological and cultural silos to promote innovation in life sciences companies. 

    • Getting Engaged with HCPs

      01 Apr 2016

      Healthcare Sales Marketing

      Savvy marketers in life sciences are learning to construct "Communications Journeys" in which the series of messages sent to healthcare professionals and patients are tailored and iteratively refined to be more effective. This form of insight-driven, technology-enabled marketing requires new skills and capabilities, but can be a path to competitive advantage.

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