• Identifying Switch Opportunities Worldwide

      16 Sep 2015

      OTCToolBox Innovations, September 2015

      IMS Health's Andy Tisman is featured in this OTCToolBox Innovations article sharing key consumer health insights regarding the global trend of switching medicines from prescription to non-prescription status.

    • Cloud Marketing: Cloud Control

      15 Jul 2015

      MM&M, July 2015

      To unlock the vast business potential of the cloud, pharma must first overcome its inherent resistance to change and then commit to tearing down those silo walls.

    • An Inside Look Into Developing an Apple Watch Platform

      24 Jun 2015

      PM360, June 2015

      IMS Health announced a new wearable app platform that is entirely dedicated to the life science industry. The platform, called IMSHealthWear 1.00, will also serve as the basis for two new apps: MGRWear and REPWear.

    • Will Economic Returns from Drugs Continue to Disintegrate?

      08 Feb 2015


      The recent mergers, partnerships, and incentive-laden deals in pharma may keep the industry from continuing to experience diminishing returns, according to IMS Health's Michael Kleinrock.

    • The Coming Wave of New Cancer-Fighting Drugs

      15 Jan 2015


      If 2014 proved that the most promising new group of oncology drugs in generations could work, 2015 brings a crowded field that sees winners and losers in a market eventually worth $30 billion a year or more in the next decade.

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