What is the IMS Health Official Alumni Network?

The IMS Health Alumni Network is the official online community for former IMS Health colleagues from around the world. Hosted on LinkedIn, the network provides a focal point for staying in touch and keeping informed.   

Alumni can connect, reconnect and network with friends and former IMS Health colleagues; post questions, share updates and engage in business discussions; publicize and learn about industry events and company-hosted webinars; learn about our expanding capabilities; and stay up to date on the company’s news and thought leadership.

Please note that this community is open only to former employees of IMS Health.

Why should I join the IMS Health Official Alumni Network?

IMS Health is an innovative information, technology and services company operating at the intersection of virtually every stakeholder in healthcare. From this unique vantage point, we apply unmatched scale, expertise and resources to connect the dots for clients and make healthcare perform better. The IMS Health Alumni Network makes it easy to stay informed about the company’s evolving portfolio of offerings and services.

The IMS Health Alumni Network is also a convenient way to connect or reconnect with friends and former colleagues. What unifies the people of IMS Health, past and present, is a commitment to applying information and technology to realize the full potential of healthcare. In an industry defined by rapid change, our community provides a venue for networking, collaborating and keeping up with trends and information.

How do I join the community?

The IMS Health Alumni Network is hosted exclusively on LinkedIn, and a LinkedIn profile is required to participate. Visit the IMS Health Official Alumni Network page to submit a request to join.

Before you submit your request, please ensure that your employment with IMS Health is accurately noted in the “Past” category of your LinkedIn profile. Also, make sure that your name matches IMS Health employment records. It may take several days to process your request.

To learn more about LinkedIn, you may wish to review the LinkedIn New User Starter Guide. If you have further questions about joining the group, please contact us.

How can I connect with other IMS Health alumni who share my interests?

The IMS Health Official Alumni Network is the best venue for connecting or reconnecting with other former IMS Health colleagues. You can grow your existing LinkedIn network by inviting fellow alumni to link in with you. To find alumni who share your interests, navigate to the “Members” tab of the LinkedIn page and type keyword(s) relevant to your interests. When you find other alumni you would like to connect with, simply select “Connect” to invite them to link in with you.

How can I share news or questions with the community?

Once you become a member of the LinkedIn group, you can share your news with friends and former colleagues by posting it in one of two pages. Share news or promote a company, product or service by posting it under the “Promotions” tab. If you’d like to discuss a business topic, you can post an update or question under “Discussions.” (Note: If you post commercial or promotional content under “Discussions,” the community administrator will move it to “Promotions.”)