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Payer / Provider / Government

Payers—Gain the Insights You Need to Drive Better Care, Better Health and Lower Costs

Payers of all types—health plans, employers, governments and commissioners—require detailed, accurate information that is critical to the healthcare quality and value dialogue.

QuintilesIMS provides an actionable view of performance to identify cost drivers and opportunities for improvement. We offer the largest independent source of health plan claims and prescription data, deep expertise in healthcare informatics, data management and warehousing to support:

  • Patient/Member Engagement—tools and information to help consumers with their healthcare choices
  • Provider Performance Management—interactive tools to engage providers and measure their improvement on cost and quality metrics
  • Pharmacy Benefit Performance Management—comprehensive solutions to measure pharmacy spend, utilization and outcomes
  • Plan Performance Management—a platform for monitoring your performance over time and as compared to industry benchmarks
  • Care Pathway Analytics—insights into variation in service delivery across providers
  • Payment Innovation—services to design, manage and run innovative payment programs
  • New Member Risk—anticipate new enrollee costs and better understand risk with access to leading indicators for health needs of high utilizers

Provider Solutions for Targeting the Physicians and Populations Needed to Optimize Strategic Growth

Gain a competitive edge by partnering with high-value physicians, engaging proactively with physicians and populations and acquiring clearer insights into care dynamics.

QuintilesIMS offers comprehensive information, analytics and toolsets to give healthcare providers expanded visibility into physician referral patterns, splitting behavior, leakage and more to strategically grow your network and improve your financial performance. 

Our Provider Solutions include:

  • Unparalleled, real-world data including over 5 billion ambulatory transactions per year
  • Flexible, scalable SaaS platform leveraging proprietary data, advanced analytics and web-based applications, such as geo-mapping and network diagramming to deliver insights
  • Embedded, robust data and benchmarks, leading informatics and advanced analytics
  • Integrated systems and HIPAA-compliant tools and technology

Government Solutions That Transform Vast Quantities of Healthcare Data into Actionable Insights

Use innovative solutions to address a range of goals including improved health outcomes, increased access to care, better health surveillance and improved consumer safety.

As the original “Big Data” provider in the federal health market, IMS Government Solutions remains uniquely qualified to help agencies:

  • Develop and implement custom decision-support applications
  • Apply sophisticated analytics to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse
  • Establish effective health system data measures and metrics
  • Supply health and prescription data to support primary and secondary research
  • Use advanced analytics and metrics to track the efficacy and outcomes of medical innovations
  • Apply innovative healthcare technologies, including social media analytics and secure mobile platforms

Interested in learning more about how QuintilesIMS’s payer/provider/government solutions can help you succeed? Let us know how we can help you: