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How Orchestrated Customer Engagement Can Benefit Your Business

07 Jan 2016

Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) is an innovative new strategy for customer engagement that represents the next big step in life sciences sales and marketing.

OCE aligns sales, marketing and information technology, creating a trifecta that delivers more efficient and cost-effective customer engagement. It is designed to improve life sciences companies’ relationships with their customers, increasing efficiency across all communication channels while boosting return on investment (ROI). OCE can also help life sciences companies enable prescribers to run their practices more efficiently and to better meet the needs of their patients.

Implementing OCE requires organizations to make changes in three key areas: technology, processes and people.

  1. Technology Changes – For OCE, life sciences organizations must free information from vertical silos by adopting horizontal ownership and governance structures; achieve near real-time data integration by moving beyond the limitations of last-generation technology; and provide predictive insights based on reliable data.
  2. Process Changes – OCE requires process changes around sales, marketing, IT and customers, with each of these key stakeholder groups playing roles that will change as OCE is embraced, and evolve as the strategy matures.
  3. People Changes – OCE empowers and energizes individuals in the organization and relies on them to be more disciplined, self-confident and self-directed.

OCE is much more than the promise of a more productive future. With the right combination of technology and services—all currently available—forward-thinking life sciences companies can begin to enable next-generation customer engagement today.

To learn more about Orchestrated Customer Engagement and how it can benefit your business, please download the white paper, Orchestrated Customer Engagement – Orchestrate Every Customer Experience to Drive Results.