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Punching Above Your Weight—How Smaller Brands Leverage Relationship Marketing Technology to Compete

03 Oct 2013

by David Young, Marketing Solutions Architect

For smaller, highly budget-conscious brands, technology needs to be an enabler, not another thing to worry about. One of the benefits of a cloud-based relationship marketing solution is that it scales to support a brand’s needs. It scales up and it also scales down to meet the needs of brands who proba bly never thought such capabilities would be within budget. For smaller brands, cloud-based technology buys access to the capabilities of a marketing-savvy bigger brand, but without the high implementation and running costs of on-premise marketing software.

For example, a niche launch brand of an orphan drug with a narrow target population may have only two dedicated marketing operations people. Cloud-based relationship marketing technology would allow the marketing duo to import contacts, create marketing segments, upload creative, launch campaigns and analyze results. Many campaign tasks could be automated and scheduled ahead of time based on triggering events. Plan, execute and assess results allowing for real time re-calibration and optimization, mid-campaign.

This example is reality with one of our clients. In this case, their marketing team engaged its agency to create one website for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and another for patients. With these two sites in place, just two marketing resources created web forms, surveys and campaign ‘journeys’—automating a series of marketing activities (a.k.a., “touchpoints”) against a plan. The brand is now actively engaging both physicians and patients. At the same time they are feeding new insights into the customer databases for HCPs and patients. The brand databases are getting smarter and future campaigns will benefit from the knowledge of past campaign results. Critically, rather than worrying about how to integrate the customer data or piecing together reports using subsets of siloed data, marketing teams can execute campaigns quickly and effectively. The entire brand team can see campaign results in real time.

Technology is an enabler, allowing brands to focus on what they do best. For smaller brands, cloud-based relationship marketing technology levels the playing field with bigger, better-funded brands.