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IDC Names IMS Health a Leader in Social Media Analytics for Life Sciences

14 Apr 2015

The healthcare industry relies on data, but data is also one of its biggest and most persistent challenges. Life sciences and healthcare companies struggle every day to process oceans of data and to pull out relevant information that is valuable to their business. Now, with Nexxus Social from IMS Health—a firm that industry analyst IDC recently named a leader in social media analytics software for the life sciences industry—companies can scan the digital landscape, listen to their customers, and take well-informed strategic action.

Nexxus Social, part of the Nexxus Commercial Application Suite, is the cloud-based social-media analytics tool that brings a healthcare focus to unstructured data across tens of millions of web sites and social networks worldwide. It automates the monitoring and collection of social media content, and helps to transform the data into insights that inform key compliance and commercial decisions.

In IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Life Science Social Media Analytics 2014 Vendor Assessment, IDC reports that IMS Health’s social media service, “…includes some of the most life science-specific functionality available in social media analytics software today by any vendor and is considered by its customers to be very user friendly and easy to use.” The findings were based on a six-month study of social media analytics software and service offerings available to life sciences companies.

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