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The Right Team behind You Makes All the Difference

14 Oct 2015

By David Young, Senior Sales Engineer, IMS Health 

Let’s say you’ve decided to take up tennis. You go out and enthusiastically pick up the latest Wilson Five BLX tennis racquet, Nike Men's DF Ballistec Advantage tennis shoes and lightweight outfit. What's next, the U.S. Open? Not so fast, Roger Federer! Tennis requires a bit more than just the latest sports technology and cool outfit. It requires knowledge of the game and a fair bit of training and coaching before you reach expert level.

The same is true for applying technology in your business, especially the case when it comes to Multichannel Marketing (MCM). Purchasing the latest technology won’t make you an expert overnight. Just as in sport, the best technology will give you a decided advantage, but this advantage is only over similarly trained peers. An MCM technology purchase is just one step in a journey towards realizing the true potential of what MCM can do for your brand. In fact, once the purchase has been made, it can be difficult to get a fast and effective start. Consider that in order to get moving quickly you have the correct team in place on day one. Also, do you have digital and physical assets in place for your marketing outreach? What is your definition of ROI? It is quite challenging to automate a process that doesn’t yet exist. Our recent industry survey, “Multichannel Engagement Trends Report” notes that of the individuals we surveyed about MCM:

“Only 4% report that their multichannel strategy is fully implemented. This number is down from 8% in 2014, most likely due to the fact that once the journey to multichannel begins, organizations realize that there is more to it than originally anticipated.”

This is in spite of the fact that the report also shows that MCM is considered ‘Critical’ to most organizations.

A tennis player without a team of trainers, coaches and supporters behind them will not be able to make it past his or her local tennis club. The right team behind a technology solution can make all the difference, too. Just as a coach can help you adapt your play based on court surface - be it grass, clay or hard court - a marketing solutions team can guide you through the features of your technology solution and determine how to apply them to achieve your multichannel goals. An experienced marketing solutions team can further help to integrate data sources, plan and execute campaigns and, most importantly, help you become a better marketer.

To be a successful marketer in a multichannel world you need to have the technology, the strategy and, importantly, the supporting team in place. Having these elements in place will greatly enhance your potential success.