• Hootsuite and IMS Health Partnership Solutions

Integrating Award-Winning Technologies to Drive Success

Introducing a new app for the Hootsuite platform, integrating AETracker — IMS Health’s advanced technology solution for identifying, tracking and reporting adverse events, product complaints and off-label usage in real time —the most widely used solution for managing social media.

About AETracker and Hootsuite

Together, this solution provides tools to efficiently tracking and respond to patients’ and healthcare providers’ comments, questions and requests across the digital channels.

  • IMS Health’s AETracker is a best-in-class SaaS solution that uses advanced algorithms to detect possible adverse events in unstructured data across social media channels, mobile health applications and branded websites
  • Hootsuite’s highly intuitive dashboard empowers life sciences companies to consolidate multiple social channels into one comprehensive view

Helping You Separate the Signal from the Noise

With only a narrow window in which to report adverse events to government regulators, it can be challenging for companies to continuously monitor the vast quantities of data flowing through these enterprise-sponsored accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. Learn about how this solution supports client efforts to stay in compliance in markets worldwide.


Already Creating Buzz in the Market #bettertogether

Collaboration and partners support our efforts to drive innovation in the life sciences industry. IMS Health teams with Hootsuite to help life sciences companies increase engagement on social media channels and support compliance. 

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