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Nexxus™ Incent

Motivate Your Sales Team

How you incentivize and reward your sales professionals can significantly impact your brand’s performance. Nexxus™ Incent is a flexible incentive compensation solution that drives revenue by ensuring sales teams are aligned with company strategies and motivated to pursue the best opportunities.

  • Set your sales teams up for success with precision plan design that drives speed to market
  • Keep sales teams focused and engaged by providing timely information on progress towards their goals
  • Access past and current information to support ongoing planning as well as compliance standards

Build and Maintain Incentive Plans that Drive Results

Set your teams up for success

  • Develop effective and fair incentive compensation (IC) structures with precision plan design and ongoing administration processes that help you retain top talent
  • Easily access information from existing HR and other systems to help inform plans
  • Minimize disruptions by modeling before you implement change

Deliver incentives that motivate sales

  • Use configurable business rules to provide teams with rational sales plans with achievable quotas
  • Increase field engagement by providing timely, up-to-date reports on performance towards goals
  • Ensure sales team members receive accurate, timely payments while also managing exceptions and overrides through auditable processes

Maintain and optimize your plans

  • Uphold compliance standards with easy access to past and current information
  • Share information securely through a role-based platform
  • Continuously improve your IC plans with actionable insights gained from a library of configurable reports and dashboards

Drive Precision with Nexxus™ Incent

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