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Nexxus™ Mobile Intelligence

Transform Information into a Strategic Asset

Today’s HCPs live in a multichannel world, overburdened by inputs from various stakeholders, the demands of increasing regulation and the constraints of a limited budget. Life sciences companies can better support HCPs in the care of their patients by providing the best and most timely information through well designed, meaningful conversations.

Reach the Right Customers

Nexxus™ Mobile Intelligence (MI) provides unrivaled CRM capabilities and innovative multichannel engagement solutions to help you reach the right customers across the right channels to deliver the right message:

  • Integrate personal and non-personal customer preferences to inform remote and face-to-face interactions including events, CLM, field-compliant emails, sample drops and contact center customer engagements
  • Deliver valued information during every interaction by providing HCPs with only the resources they seek
  • Orchestrate complex multichannel engagements and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by seamlessly integrating Nexxus™ MI with existing IT systems

See Nexxus™ Mobile Intelligence in Action

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