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Nexxus™ Social

Mitigate Risk while Maximizing Potential

Maintain market vigilance while making the most of market opportunities by tracking structured and unstructured data. Identify and respond to shifts in brand sentiment and adverse events.

Nexxus™ Social is a cloud-based platform that brings structure, precision and a healthcare focus to information proliferating across tens of millions of sites worldwide.

IDC MarketScape Names QuintilesIMS a Leader in Growing Social Media Analytics Market

Interested in hearing more about what our customers have to say? Find out now with free access to the latest IDC MarketScape Social Media Analytics Vendor Assessment Excerpt.

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Nexxus™ Social Now Integrates with the Hootsuite Platform

A first-of-its-kind offering that enables life sciences companies to drive compliance and more fully engage with patients and healthcare providers on social media channels.

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Bring New Level of Insights to Your Commercial and Compliance Challenges

Nexxus™ Social provides market vigilance for life sciences. By fully automating social media monitoring and the collection of relevant content, Nexxus™ Social informs key commercial decision-making processes and helps you identify unmet customer needs.

  • Listen to your community by measuring brand sentiment and share of voice
  • Respond to trends by identifying, ranking, and visualizing key opinion leaders (KOLs) and integrating this information in to existing KOL management and CRM systems
  • Attract survey responses faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods by using social media micro-targeting and virality features to collect survey responses

Detect and Manage Adverse Events With Nexxus™ Social

With semantic—not keyword—search and proprietary ontologies, including patient language, Nexxus™ Social captures healthcare-specific content. This technology is complemented by our social command center, staffed 24/7/365 by pharmacists and physicians who monitor adverse events and off-label discussions in real-time.

Uphold commitments to ethical and transparent business practices with a compliance-ready listening platform that monitors patient support programs and other data to find early warnings, threats, and opportunities to help companies manage reputations.

Nexxus™ Social AETracker Automates Detection and Management  

Featured White Paper

Engage with Confidence: Managing Online Adverse Event Reporting

The healthcare industry, and, specifically, consumer health companies, are waking up to the enormous potential offered by social media and other online data sources to make better informed decisions around brand, product development and commercialization.

Signals from Noise: Making the Most of Social Media Intelligence

This paper examines the role social media plays in the various stages of the product life cycle, highlighting the value of ongoing systematic social monitoring and examples of the tangible benefits from social intelligence.  

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