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Nexxus™ Organization Manager

Match Your Sales Team to the Right Customers

Life Sciences companies are under pressure to manage continuous changes in sales force deployment and optimization. Frequent shifts in strategy require sales operations to visualize, and then quickly implement, field alignments to reach sales goals.   

Organization Manager is a Life Sciences-specific, cloud-based, CRM-agnostic solution that enables sales operations and field sales teams to collaborate on territory alignment and employee and product roster management.

Optimize sales teams

Keep field teams involved in the planning process so they stay engaged. Efficiently align field teams, sales territories, and operational resources based on configurable data points. Easily model “what-if” scenarios without impacting field momentum.

  • Improve collaboration
  • Reduce sales operations disruption
  • Realize optimal sales and service ROI

Align sales and operations

Simplify and improve sales planning, and strengthen collaboration with bi-directional feedback between sales leadership and teams. Automate data integration with existing CRM, MDM, and HR systems.

  • Foster better team communication
  • Streamline sales planning
  • Benefit from easy, rapid user adoption

Support Compliance

Synchronize your sales force automation environment with flexible, CRM-agnostic Organization Manager. Implement and maintain regional and multi-country strategies, and continually track progress. Maintain historic records to support compliance reporting requirements globally with a solution that serves as your system of record and audit trail for transactions.

  • Enhance visibility of plan details
  • Provide stronger support for global compliance reporting

Discover Opportunities Overlooked by CRM Alone

Traditional CRM systems are designed to highlight active prospects, but that means they overlook early stage opportunities. QuintilesIMS Organization Manager empowers companies to be more proactive by using coordinated sales and marketing to discover, nurture and capitalize on more relationships. Here’s one way you can drive more rapid field alignment with Organization Manager. 

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