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Cost Benchmarking & Budgeting

Accurately Build and Forecast Investigator Budgets

Effectively budget and negotiate grant payments and model and finalize plans with the IMS Health suite of cost benchmarking products.

  • Quickly develop budget scenarios, leveraging historical fair market value data, at the regional and country level, by procedure and non-procedure
  • Assess cost per patient, cost per procedure, cost per visit as well as institutional costs
  • Understand costs for investigator-initiated studies as well as CRO outsourcing
  • Eliminate redundant payments for standard-of-care procedures, which may be reimbursable by third-party insurers
  • Speed budget and investigator negotiations with an easy-to-use negotiation tool, for global team alignment

*All claims made are illustrative based on prior case studies. Results portrayed may not be the results others achieve using our products and services. 

Develop Budgets with Confidence

Use the powerful insights into fair market value to model alternative grant options prior to negotiating with investigators with IMS Health GrantPlan.

  • Information based on an industry aggregation of the most recent, actual negotiated budgets
  • Review by procedure, visit, patient level and more
  • Track and manage all grants throughout the course of the study
  • Manage Investigator-Initiated studies similarly through IMS Health IISiS™
  • Leverage CRO negotiated costs from across the industry through IMS Health CRO CostPro™

One click is all it takes to easily identify all procedures, visits and protocols that are reimbursable through standard medical claims with IMS Health StandardOfCare™.

  • Discover significant savings by reducing redundant payments to investigators
  • Leverage public and private insurance plans
  • Including roughly a billion physician claims plus 200 million hospital and clinic claims

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