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Feasibility & Site Selection

Powered by Extraordinary Healthcare Information

IMS Health offers the most extensive healthcare data resources in the world—clean and compliant with relevant national privacy laws (ie., HIPAA, Data Protection Directive), and checked and standardized through the most rigorous and advanced systems in the industry.

Leverage our Vast, Detailed Healthcare Data

Utilize competitive and market intelligence to optimize execution.

Assess global market landscape:

  • Treated prevalence
  • Competing products currently on the market
  • Analysis of treatment patterns and patient profiles
  • Patient profiling

Analyze variables that impact ability to execute:

  • I/E criteria analysis
  • Site identification and profiling
  • Risk factors to recruitment (time and budget implications)
  • Standard of care impact
  • Recruitment and retention challenges

Assess and Select the Most Appropriate Sites for Trials

IMS Health SiteOptimizer™ lets clients probe appropriate investigators and assess their historical performance using their own database of investigators, as well as the unrivaled data assets of IMS Health physician and diagnosis data.

  • Find the optimum alignment of top-performing sites with high patient availability
  • Quickly assess which sites have performed best in past studies on a variety of performance categories, such as start-up, throughput, retention and quality
  • Build rosters of investigators collaboratively with colleagues and partners
  • Assess networks and affiliations of physicians to identify additional investigators with access to patients
  • Integrate site rosters directly to IMS Health StudyOptimizer™ for easy enrollment forecasting

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