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RWE Platform Owners

Move from Promise to Performance

Embrace the opportunity to transform healthcare—and your own performance—through RWE. QuintilesIMS can help you address the substantial challenges of delivering on that promise:

  • Understand what data you have to optimize investments
  • Access data easily
  • Secure data and ensure appropriate use
  • Provide compatible tools to generate useful insights
  • Visualize the insights

Translate RWE into Applied Insights with the Platform at the Heart of the RWE Ecosystem

Support your RWE efforts and drive better business results with QuintilesIMS technology and tools. Our tested, validated solutions give you confidence to effectively build your RWE platform:

  • Identify the RWD you need
  • Answer key business questions
  • Create shareable insights

And we have experts to enable customization and implementation from design to operations.

Technology Turns RWD into Insights You Can Use

Evidence 360TM effectively connects you to the data you need. It ensures you get the most from your RWD by providing easy access to your data and other sources you need.

The RWE apps empower users to ask questions and generate insights on demand:

  • Apps allow you to quickly answer questions on the most pressing issues
  • Meaningful results improve insight and lead to better decisions
  • Tools developed by scientific and data management experts

E360™ Technology & Analytics Suite

Create a Meaningful Report Portfolio with the RWE App Suite

Select the apps you want and track them on your custom dashboard:

How We Help Clients with Data-Agnostic Applications

Interested in learning more about how QuintilesIMS’s RWE platforms can help you succeed? Let us know how we can help you: