• Orchestrated Customer Engagement

Build Customer Trust & Loyalty Through More Effective Engagement

Although trust is the foundation of all successful business relationships, a serious trust gap currently exists between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.

Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) is a new concept from IMS Health based on the principle of establishing greater trust between Life Sciences companies and their customers. This innovative strategy focuses on integrating customer-engagement activities across the organization, and supporting it all with a foundation of robust information management. In doing this, OCE enables companies to manage an increasingly complex mix of direct and indirect communication channels, and achieve more productive engagement with all customer segments.

OCE also increases organizational efficiency, which not only contributes to greater transparency and integrated processes throughout the company, but also leads to improved profitability and ROI, lower costs, and faster time to market for new drug therapies. With the data-driven insights and greater efficiency that OCE provides, companies can anticipate and respond more effectively to market changes, giving them a competitive advantage.

The Importance of Delivering Coordinated Messages to HCPs

With the commercial model of most pharmaceutical companies today, different departments of the same company often bombard HCPs with duplicate or conflicting messages. This leaves HCPs with the feeling that the pharma company is far more interested in selling products than in serving customers or treating patients. Distrust among HCPs may cause loss of sales to a competitive brand, damage to value proposition and unnecessary suffering of patients. The OCE strategy addresses this prevalent issue through the evolution of people, processes and technology.   

Converging Silos for Improved Customer Relationships

Life Sciences companies are typically organized as a series of disconnected vertical silos, a structure that limits the ability to provide positive customer experiences. OCE removes the barriers that separate vertical functions, enabling collaboration through the support of strategic IT systems. OCE creates horizontal integration across the enterprise, starting with four key customer-engagement activities: multichannel marketing (MCM), sales force effectiveness (SFE), market access, and medical affairs. This horizontal orientation enables customer-facing functions to coordinate decisions and activities, deepen HCP trust, and avoid customer confusion.

    Why Does the Life Sciences Industry Need Orchestrated Customer Engagement?

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