Channel preference versus promotional reality: The core challenge of multichannel marketing

How do healthcare professionals really want to be contacted by the pharmaceutical industry? And do today’s multichannel activities actually meet healthcare professional channel preference?
Recent QuintilesIMS research shows that in 3 out of 5 top European markets what doctors want, in terms of channels of communication, is not what they get.

In this new whitepaper we present our exclusive research on the stated channel preferences (for communications from pharmaceutical companies) of a wide range of different types of Health Care Professional, by country, across the US, major Europe, Japan and key emerging markets. To complete the picture, the data is then mapped against the reported interactions, by channel type, which these Healthcare professionals actually received in the same time period.

Using this unique data, the white paper outlines the situation that we see across key countries, and the QuintilesIMS perspective on the implications for pharmaceutical company multichannel marketing. Drawing on these insights and our expertise, we offer ideas into the ways in which pharmaceutical companies can overcome some of the challenges presented to deliver a multichannel strategy that is effectively aligned to customer needs.

This white paper is the third in a series published by QuintilesIMS on multichannel marketing:

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