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Using IMS Health Data for Your Research Support

The IMS Health Services Research Network (HSRN) comprises academic researchers who are conducting empirically rigorous, policy-relevant studies to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. The network includes members from a variety of disciplines including pharmacy, medicine, law, economics, business, and public policy.

Recently completed projects range from an examination of off-label prescribing among office-based physicians to an analysis of the impact of FDA safety advisories on prescription drug utilization to a study of the influence of patent expiration on the use of antibiotics.

Academic and Medical Researchers

The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics supports the work of academic and medical research institutions by offering information and data to researchers at special discounted pricing.

IMS Health also makes selected information publicly available. Please refer to the Data and Information Resources page for these data points.

The Institute for Healthcare Informatics has also compiled an annotated bibliography featuring peer-reviewed studies by Health Services Research Network members.

If you are an academic or medical researcher conducting empirically rigorous, policy-relevant studies and would like to request IMS Health data in support of such projects, please download the Request for Research Form, complete it with your request details, and e-mail it to info@theimsinstitute.org. Please refer to the Data and Information Resources section for additional information on the submission process.

Data and Information Resources


IMS Health Uniform System of Classification
Information on pharmaceutical product therapeutic classification system developed by IMS Health American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy - Drug Expenditure Forecasts:

IMS Health Research Data Requests

Download the IMS Health Research Data Request Form to complete and submit to the HSRN Operations Team and obtain information about our research request process

IMS Health Data Assets

Description of IMS Health’s information and data assets, including what it is, how it is collected, and how it can be used:

HSRN Newsletters

Information on the activities of the Network and resources available to members.

To learn more about ways that the IMS Institute can support your initiatives, please reach out to our team: