• The QuintilesIMS Institute in Asia

About the Institute in Asia

The Asia Branch of the QuintilesIMS Institute, with the support of QuintilesIMS Health Asia, will encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors to deliver objective, relevant insights and research to advance the region’s health agenda. This is a new initiative to develop local partnerships with leading universities, research institutions, development agencies and the government to reinforce the value of information and analytics in decision-making across a range of healthcare issues in Asia.

“We are in on the precipice of a big data revolution in healthcare. There is a large bank of data from years of research and development in biopharmaceutical companies supplemented with the growth of electronic data keeping in healthcare institutions and payer organizations. The rapid improvement of analytical skills required to make sense of the data will greatly improve healthcare decision making in the near future. In many of the developing markets in Asia there are challenges surrounding access, governance, privacy and security of this data which needs to be improved to ensure optimal healthcare decision making”

- Senthil Sockalingam, executive director, QuintilesIMS Institute

Focus Research Areas

  • Mobilizing and advancing health services and systems research: The Institute will bring together leading policy advisors, educators, researchers and medical care providers to initiate research activities and apply evidence-based approaches to address key healthcare issues.
  • Developing new insights on disease burden in Asia: The Institute will connect clinical, economic and patient-reported outcomes data to provide all stakeholders with deeper insights for improving the care of patients and their treatment journey experience.
  • Advancing decision analytics in clinical practice and public policymaking: The Institute will support efforts by academia, clinicians, health administrators and policymakers to use real-world, data-driven decision analytics for more informed decision making and improved healthcare costs and outcomes.

QuintilesIMS Institute in Asia Launch Event


“This is the first-in-Asia collaboration platform, bringing together all relevant stakeholders who share our mission of improving health outcomes in Asia. This initiative presents an unprecedented opportunity to create strong linkages with key academic thought leaders and industry veterans to address pressing issues to help improve healthcare decision-making processes across Asia."

- Murray Aitken, executive director, QuintilesIMS Institute



Advancing Value-Based Healthcare in Asia

01 Sep 2016

In this report we examine the shift in Asia, and globally, from supply-driven healthcare systems to value-based patient-centered healthcare systems.  This report introduces the concept of value-based healthcare and illustrates how real-world data-driven decision modelling approaches can improve disease management and support value-based clinical and policy decision-making in Asia, offering applications in diabetes and stroke as case examples. 

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