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Portfolio Optimization

Develop Effective Portfolio Strategies from Early-Stage R&D to Loss of Exclusivity

Take an active role in managing the lifecycle of brands and franchises in an increasingly dynamic market.

Our deep understanding of your industry and the competitive landscape helps you improve performance by:

  • Anticipating future patient needs
  • Addressing declining R&D productivity
  • Controlling operational costs
  • Managing patent expirations
  • Overcoming market access hurdles


Make Better Portfolio Decisions with Integrated, Evidence-Based Intelligence

Develop, Launch and Manage Products Based on Global Market Needs

Use our Portfolio Optimization solution to:

  • Monitor the progress of 34,700+ drug profiles from discovery to development, including 7,000+ biologic R&D compounds
  • Track more than 250,000 pharmaceutical patents from Phase 3 and beyond, including insights regarding brands’ loss of exclusivity
  • Provide detailed analyses of pricing and reimbursement in 31 markets

Gain New Insights for Early-Stage Development and Commercialization

Clients can effectively:

  • Assess R&D candidates
  • Optimize clinical trials, portfolio and indication strategies
  • Size and forecast the market
  • Develop pricing and market access strategies
  • Evaluate licensing deals and make partnering decisions
  • Assess launch readiness

Leverage our depth of experience and resources to support the big commercial decisions that lie ahead.

We provide a range of solutions that support early bio-pharma companies that don’t have the luxury of large commercial teams, including advisory services and extensive insight into the market across 70+ countries.

Maximize the ROI of Unprotected Compounds

  • Identify and assess the potential of generic candidates
  • Understand the competitive landscape
  • Expand geographically
  • Optimize portfolios
  • Make product lifecycle decisions
  • Assess likely price evolution
  • Strategize around the price/volume dilemma

Generic and biosimilar products have become an undeniable force as the focus of global healthcare shifts from volume to value.

We offer a range of services—including global market measures, consistent benchmarks, publications, analytical tools and consulting services.

Power Better Investment Decisions with In-Depth Insights

Evaluate the best partners and licensing opportunities for portfolio growth.

QuintilesIMS provides crucial in-depth information on small and private companies—including details of precedent deal-making structures—to better gauge growth opportunities.

Save Valuable Research Time with Analytics Link™

Gain key competitive intelligence with interconnectivity across data assets such as MIDAS, company reported sales, analyst forecasts, R&D pipelines, product launches, patents and M&A activity.

AnalyticsLink™ explores patient and market dynamics culminating in patient-validated 10-year market forecasts in leading worldwide markets.

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Featured White Paper

Disruption and Maturity: The Next Evolution of Biologics

Since the widespread commercialization of the first recombinant protein, human insulin, biologic drugs have offered vast improvements in disease treatment and safety to high-need patients. This has driven their commercial success, biologics now representing half of the global top 20 drugs list, taking an increasing share of the market year on year.

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