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Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Realize the Promise of Your Brand

Effectively communicate the value of your products, efficiently manage your commercial functions and take advantage of the opportunities in emerging markets.

QuintilesIMS is uniquely positioned to help medical device and diagnostics manufacturers with our global presence, access to unparalleled information assets and robust technological infrastructure—helping you drive better business performance across the globe.

Leverage Our Unique Assets and Capabilities to Take Advantage of Market Opportunities

  • The leading information architecture in healthcare, including 100k suppliers and 10+ petabytes of unique data, encrypted and secure
  • Innovative technologies with advanced visualization, allowing anytime, anywhere access to insights
  • Global teams with local expertise focused on and experienced in medical device and diagnostics

Gain Critical and Actionable Insights with Global, National and Subnational Views of Product and Physician Performance

Customer Insights

  • OneKey™ provides actionable customer insights on more than 14m HCPs and 1m facilities and organizations across 70+ countries Learn More 

Sales Audits

  • Secure critical insights into market size, product and competitor performance and general trends over time

Real-World Evidence

  • Gain insight into patient pathways and outcomes with access to over 500m unique, anonymized patient records from around the globe Learn More

Primary Intelligence

  • Refine your research focus and uncover the underlying drivers of physician and patient behaviors using our primary market research team and vast data assets Learn More

Effectively Manage Your Commercial Operations with Advanced Technologies

Master Data Management

  • Construct a solid foundation of data and create a single source of truth for business-critical decisions Learn More

Customer Relationship Management

  • Nexxus Mobile Intelligence provides a comprehensive approach to your customer profile, CRM and CLM needs Learn More

Aggregate Spend

  • Ensure your company is meeting local aggregate spend requirements with AggregateSpend360 Learn More

Global Services with Local Expertise

Commercial Effectiveness Services

  • Analytical tools and expertise to help your organization maximize its commercial operations

Management Consulting

  • Experts from across the world, focused exclusively on life sciences, with deep expertise in key commercial areas to assist you with pricing and market access, brand excellence, and strategy and portfolio analysis Learn More

Interested in learning more about how QuintilesIMS’s medical devices and diagnostics solutions can help you succeed? Let us know how we can help you: