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Master Data Management

Unleash the Power of Your Data

Construct a solid foundation of data and create a single source of truth for business-critical decisions using our Master Data Management Solutions.

QuintilesIMS and Reltio Form Alliance to Strengthen Advanced Information Management Solutions

Introducing a joint partnership between QuintilesIMS and Reltio—designed to give QuintilesIMS clients next-generation Master Data Management capabilities.

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Disconnected Data Limits Customer Centricity Efforts

The healthcare industry produces vast quantities of datamore transactions per day than the New York Stock Exchange. With this volume, data can become disconnected.  Processes and applications unable to effectively ingest, transform, and analyze information result in wasted resources. As a result, credibility suffers and competitive disadvantages appear:

Create a Single Version of the Customer Universe

Coordinate actions and improve decision-making to optimize business results:


Gain Global Insights

Spend less time integrating and curating your data and more time using it. Nucleus360 gives you meaningful insights with a view across your organization.  

  • Share customer information safely within the confines of your IT architecture
  • Integrate data from across the enterprise in a centralized hub
  • Use a unique customer identifier to simplify cleansing, matching, reporting and transparency efforts

OneKeyTM Helps You Gain Access to Essential Market Insights into HCPs and Organizations

  • Validated information includes 14.3m HCPs and 1m HCOs and affiliations through OneKey™
  • Cloud-based technology allows anytime, anywhere access to insights

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Confidently Compare Performance Across the Globe with MIDAS

Drive better strategic decisions by securing consistent, standardized views of global product performance. 

Our industry-leading MIDAS platform standardizes local data for cross-country comparisons, and provides you with insights into:

  • Market value and evolution
  • Product and competitor performance
  • Channel dynamics
  • Pricing and formulation details

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Access the Full Complement of QuintilesIMS Capabilities—with Flexibility, Cost-Effectiveness and Control

Unleash the power of information-driven decisions across multiple sources of adaptable and trusted data using the IMS One Intelligent Cloud:

  • Integrate QuintilesIMS proprietary data with client data, third-party data and public information
  • Seamless access to a host of cloud-based applications tailored to specific customer needs

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All claims made with respect to performance and outcomes are illustrative based on prior client case studies. Results portrayed may not be the results others achieve using our products and services.

Beyond MDM: Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to drive competitive advantage


Information Management: Gaining value from data

Life sciences companies need to rethink the master data management (MDM) strategy and define a long-term enterprise information management (EIM) strategy as a means to competitive advantage while dealing with the pinch of a diminishing blockbuster drug model due to generic competition and a move towards specialty drugs, precision medicine and combination therapies.

Transformational Technology: Big data, the cloud and the value of insights

The advent of the big data era has produced a big challenge for pharma and, with the continued growth and influence of mobile, wearable devices, machine learning and the internet-of-things, the size of the challenge won’t be shrinking any time soon.

Can you really manage your own information?

Most life sciences companies continue to commit significant amounts of budget and resources to information management (IM). Are they getting enough value from that commitment? Are they approaching IM in a way that makes sense?  

Interested in learning more about how QuintilesIMS's Master Data Management can help you succeed? Let us know how we can help you: