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Technology-Enabled Analytics

Get the Most from Your Real World Data Investments

Having the right RWD is only a start. You need to be able to access it when you want it for the applications you need, so you can generate real insights that are consistent across functions. QuintilesIMS makes this possible with:

  • New technology and analytic services

  • Enriched patient-level insights via data linkage

Introducing E360™ by QuintilesIMS.

E360™ a Revolutionary Technology Suite.

E360™ is a revolutionary technology suite that enables real-time analytics with even the largest datasets. And since E360™ is a browser-accessible SaaS-based platform, it avoids the burden of complex IT investments and infrastructure.

Analytics tools created by QuintilesIMS have been:

  • Used by almost every top 20 pharma company
  • Deployed across 14 countries, driving 100s of peer-reviewed publications each year
  • Built by 200+ dedicated professionals

Data Management

E360™ is a turnkey solution designed to work with QuintilesIMS’s Real-World Data and/or third party data. E360 supports international privacy preservation standards and common open data standards including Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership and Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium.

Intuitive Self-Serve Tools

E360™ provides fast,easy access to databases across countries. It helps you understand market performance and dynamics for any therapy area. E360 is a scientifically validated platform, built on a series of QuintilesIMS patents and proprietary technologies.

E360™ Cohort Builder 

E360™ Cohort Builder makes it easy to select the right patient groups to run your desired analysis.This allows you to confidently deliver breakthrough insights with robust,credible Real-World Evidence.

  1. Define the cohort you want to analyze.
  2. Pick the dataset with the most relevant data for the cohort.
  3. Run your desired analysis.

Realize the Value of Big Data and Leading-Edge Technology with New Analytic Approaches

Traditional analytics provide a foundational understanding of the current world:

  • Descriptive analytics explain what is happening today

  • Diagnostic analytics explain why it is happening

Advanced analytics are key to driving real breakthroughs and better outcomes:

  • Predictive analytics model, forecast and simulate future outcomes

Use Predictive Analytics to Model, Forecast and Simulate Future Outcomes

Rare disease detection: Predictive algorithm to identify undiagnosed patients with rare diseases. Can be embedded in EMR as automatic alerts or used to support provider outreach initiatives.

Risk satisfaction for disease progression: Evidence can support product uptake by identifying types of patients who stand to gain the most from treatment; published results can even inform guideline development.

Treatment response profiling: Identify which patients respond best to which treatments, facilitating personalized/precision medicine and informing product understanding uptake.

Comparative treatment heterogeneity: Evidence on treatment response can support messaging and identify unmet needs for other products. 

Interested in learning more about how QuintilesIMS’s RWE technology-enabled analytics can help you succeed? Let us know how we can help you: