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Therapy Areas

Expertise across Various Therapeutic Areas

Answer complex questions by leveraging our expertise across various therapeutic areas:

Make a Difference in How Oncology Care Is Delivered Globally

Real-World Data

  • Integrated, multisourced assets  
  • Covering 13+ countries and 25+ primary cancers
  • Access to biomarker/genomic alteration data, cancer registries, claims, cross-sectional surveys, EMRs, Rx data
  • Indication-specific data solutions e.g., NSCLC, breast cancer

Technology-Enabled Analytics

  • Largest, most comprehensive oncology platform commercially available in U.S.
  • Enriched patient-level insights via data linkage

Services and Engagement

  • Real-world outcomes and epidemiological studies
  • Rigorous and efficient tumor modeling
  • Global value dossiers
  • Patient journey and treatment insights

Oncology market access evidence development, submission support in 20+ countries

Make a Difference in How Diabetes Care Is Delivered Globally

Bring diabetes medications to market faster and more efficiently by combining the gold-standard in RWD, technology-enabled analytics and expert services.

Real-World Data

  • QuintilesIMS RWD Diabetes from EMR, claims, LRx, hospitals
  • Integrated data solutions combining EMR, claims or registries
  • Diabetes-enriched EMR
  • Pan-Scandinavian diabetes cohorts

Technology-Enabled Analytics

  • QuintilesIMS CORE Diabetes Model
  • Diabetes Comprehensive Disease Records
  • Diabetes data platform combining retrospective and prospective data
  • Innovative, nationwide type 2 diabetes registry for Germany (DIAREG)

Services and Engagement

Our expertise includes:

  • Systematic reviews and network meta-analyses
  • Real-world outcomes and epidemiological studies
  • Global value dossiers
  • Early stage economic modeling
  • Cost-effectiveness and budget impact analyses


Over 550 million people are expected to have diabetes by 2030

Source: International Diabetes Federation. Diabetes Atlas: fifth edition. January 29, 2013.

IMS CORE Diabetes Model (CDM)

The IMS CORE Diabetes Model (CDM) is the most widely adopted cost-effective model in diabetes:

  • CDM is a well-validated simulation model that predicts long-term health outcomes and costs in type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Used in 20+ countries and 80+ peer-reviewed publications and international conference presentations

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