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QuintilesIMS Delivers Integrated Information and Technology Solutions to Drive Healthcare Forward

Around the world healthcare stakeholders are working to improve real-world patient outcomes through treatment innovations, care provision and access to healthcare. For the information, technology and service solutions they need to drive new insights and approaches, they count on QuintilesIMS. With a global team of 50,000, we harness insights, commercial and scientific depth, and executional expertise to empower clients to achieve some of their most important goals: Improving clinical, scientific and commercial results. Realizing the full potential of innovations. And, ultimately, driving healthcare forward.

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Driving Performance in the Philippines

Established in Makati City in 1968, QuintilesIMS Philippines has one of the most comprehensive portfolio offerings in the region, with its solutions for the life sciences industry including sell-in sales audits, prescription audits and commercial effectiveness services.

It is the leading partner of nearly every major pharmaceutical and healthcare organization in the country. QuintilesIMS Philippines' combination of industry experience and expertise helps industry players optimize portfolios, ensure successful launches, manage brands and improve effectiveness of sales teams, among others.

Key offerings
Among its key offerings, QuintilesIMS Philippines provides robust information on medicine sales transactions based on sales data from an expansive set of distributors and direct manufacturers,
and a large nationally representative sample of pharmacy outlets and hospitals. It also offers insights on basic dynamics of doctor-patient consultations, demographics, diagnoses and prescription behaviors through a regularly conducted national survey that covers a wide array of doctor specialties around the country. The commercial effectiveness services of QuintilesIMS Philippines, on the other hand, are powered by a current suite of solutions including quantitative and qualitative primary market research, learning/training courses and sales force effectiveness services (SFE).

To tap the growing potential of the consumer health market in Asia Pacific, in 2012 QuintilesIMS Philippines launched the Consumer Health Analysis™ - a web-based monitoring tool that helps clients efficiently and regularly track key business metrics at point-of-sale. Consumer Health Analysis leverages and reinforces the strength of QuintilesIMS Philippines in data coverage as well as decision-ready analytics and granular insights grounded on enhanced views of sales channels, geography (i.e. national to city-level) and market/category benchmarks.

Market conditions
The size of the total pharmaceutical market in the Philippines reached US$3.0 billion in 2013, reflecting a 5.0% market growth on the previous year. This level of growth is expected to continue, averaging a CAGR of 4.4% up to 2018.

Among the key drivers of market sales are the pipelined improvements in the country's healthcare infrastructure and the expansion of the basic health insurance coverage of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) which seeks to widen benefits coverage in the population and benefits for primary care and catastrophic illnesses. PhilHealth has also introduced outpatient benefits, including packages for communicable and non-communicable diseases. In addition, increase in the penetration of generics is anticipated due to strengthened promotion of its generic usage under the Philippine Medicine Policy 2011 and the expansion and growing popularity of generics-only pharmacies.

In today's highly competitive and complex environment, contact your QuintilesIMS Philippines representative to gain greater clarity and stay one step ahead of the competition with the valuable insights gained from QuintilesIMS offerings.