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Fewer Opportunities and Higher Competition are Two Key Challenges Facing Generic Companies 

More than ever it is critical to drive effective competitive advantage by:

  • Assessing the patent landscape around attractive branded molecules 
  • Understanding the sales and volumes of branded molecules with generic potential
  • Defining country opportunity attractiveness and launch phasing
  • Optimizing product lifecycle management

Levers of Commercial Success

Be first to market and beat the competition by using QuintilesIMS solutions to discover new generics opportunities and make timely and informed strategic market decisions across the lifecycle.

Product Selection & Development
  • Identify and select potential generics
  • Evaluate protection status
  • Understand competitor activity & positioning
  • Decide out/in licensing strategies
Launch Planning
  • Identify launch markets
  • Create product positioning
  • Build country specific pricing & reimbursement strategies
  • Forecast volume and sales
Portfolio & Geographical Expansion
  • Accelerate growth through product M&A
  • Optimize portfolio & disease strategies
  • Extend geographic presence
  • Assess competitor strategies
Performance Management
  • Manage tenders and contracts
  • Track performance across countries
  • Measure awareness and adoption
  • Align go-to-market resources

Generics Industry Insights

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In Part 5 of this series we continue on the theme from part 4 in considering some of the potential approaches generic companies can employ to drive growth, exploring some of the notable examples of the deployment of these strategies in the market.

Why We Need Generic Medicines Part 4: Generics Market Forecast Growth and Opportunities for Generics Manufacturers

In Part 4 of this series we explore how the Generics market is forecast to grow over the coming years and what options Generics companies can consider to seize that opportunity, including growing the existing portfolio, launch of new molecules and geographic expansion.

Why We Need Generic Medicines Part 3: Patient Impact and Relative Use Across Therapy Areas

In Part 3 we explore how the availability of Generic Medicines in Europe has resulted in one of three potential benefits for patients in each country, whilst Generic Medicines have also come to dominate 10 key therapeutic areas by volume use

Why We Need Generic Medicines Part 2: Global Value and Volume Share of Generics

An overview of how Generic Medicines have taken share of volume and revenue in markets around the world between 2006 and 2015.

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