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Clinical Trial Optimization

CTOS: Clinical Trial Optimization Solutions

Expertly Curated Technology Maximizing Trial Design & Operations

Our suite of evidence-based solutions deliver performance efficiency on time and within budget across your portfolio - from clinical design to execution planning all the way through to study initiation and study execution.

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CTOS Technology Benefits

Once our clients achieve predictability through use of our solutions, then they focus on going faster, improving and optimizing operations and driving speed and efficiency.  Our case studies consistently prove out these benefits.

Increase Predictability

  • Create Accurate, Evidence Based Forecasts

Shorten Timelines

  • Start Up & Enroll Faster Go to Market Faster

Optimize Operations

  • Balance Time and Cost Trade-offs

CTOS Technology Products

Our suite of evidence-based solutions deliver performance efficiency on time and within budget across your portfolio

Our solutions focus on the key strategic processes that can make-or break our ability to be successful throughout clinical development and operational execution.

  • Protocol and Operational Design
  • Site Feasibility and Selection
  • Enrollment Planning, Management & Re-forecasting
  • Budget Planning, Negotiation and Forecasting

Return on Investment - Best in Class Clinical Technology

Upcoming Conferences

11th Annual Optimizing Clinical Trials

October 3-5, London. (Booth #2)

Shawn Tedman (Director of Offerings, Trial Optimization, CTOS) presents: Protocol Complexity and Optimization (trendy buzz terms or a real, measurable industry solution?).
Thursday October 5th, 10:20 a.m.

Site Solutions Summit

October 5-8, Boca Raton, FL. (Booth #312)

CTOS will be showcasing our new protocol complexity offering and implications to site and patient burden. Learn how a protocol’s various complexity factors influence a site’s resources, expected recruitment rates and budget considerations.

R&D Informatics

November 30 – December 1, Lisbon.

CTOS is exploring new cutting edge technology and data integration methods to support our growing suite of products. Come join us in Lisbon!

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