• IMS Health and Reltio Partnership Solutions

IMS Health and Reltio Form an Alliance to Strengthen Advanced Information Management Solutions

Introducing a joint partnership between IMS Health and Reltio—designed to give IMS Health clients next-generation Master Data Management capabilities. The joint partnership with Reltio seamlessly fuses multiple data types:

  • Multi-domain master data
  • Transaction and interaction data
  • Third-party assets
  • Public and social data

About IMS One Next Generation MDM and Reltio

Together, this alliance offers life sciences organizations new options for fast, scalable access to big data technologies, pre-integrated data and high-performance analytics for the insights you need, when you need them.

  • This first-of-its-kind solution combines a modern data management Platform-as-a-Service with IMS Health data assets and data governance and stewardship expertise to help coordinate actions and drive decision making.
  • The Reltio Cloud will be the foundation for our IMS One commercial information management platform. Through this we can deliver faster insights across all commercial functions.
  • Through the cloud we will deliver seamless, on-demand access to our OneKey reference data assets, allowing customers to get the best insights possible at the precise moment of need, without the concerns or delays of traditional delivery and downstream integrations.

Investing on Behalf of Our Clients

Collaboration and partners support our efforts to drive innovation in the life sciences industry. IMS Health and Reltio form Alliance to Deploy Advanced Information Management Solutions for Life Sciences.

For more information, read our press release.

Press Release  

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