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Commercial & Brand Teams

Move at the Speed of RWE
Why Wait?

  • Get closer to critical insights more quickly
  • Get your product to market faster
  • Avoid delays in patient access
  • Inform commercial spend decisions and increase productivity

A New Generation of On-Demand Research

Anonymous patient data (e.g., electronic medical records, claims data and lab data), can now be used together to provide a more complete view of what truly happens in healthcare.

Technology-Enabled Analytics Unlocks the Value of Real-World Data

  • Access the real-world data you need—Identify data sources to answer desired research questions; gain access to datasets to analyze while ensuring patient privacy.
  • Create datasets—Bring data across sources as needed and appropriate for analysis leveraging innovative technologies.
  • Analyze the data—Use scientific rigor, clear governance and advanced analytic and processing capabilities.

Examples of what is possible with RWE:

  • Find out what is really driving adherence

  • Understand unmet needs

  • Identify high-potential indications

  • Spot gaps in physician adoption

Capture the $1B Opportunity

Why Now?

Advanced analytics, technology, data management approaches and new innovations make it possible to bring relevant data together easily and accurately.

Look at Brand Performance with a New Lens

How Predictive Analytics Can Help Find the Rare Disease Patient

QuintilesIMS demonstrates the use of RWD and machine learning to study patients and to identify patterns that can be used to predict which other patients have rare disease.

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