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Derive New Insights and Transform How Cancer Care Is Delivered Worldwide

Make remarkable advances in oncology treatments including immuno-oncology, combination therapies and launch in multiple indications utilizing our data, advanced technologies and expert services. Our solutions help clients with:

  • More targeted R&D including faster, more efficient clinical development and better understanding of unmet needs
  • Better demonstration of value by quantifying cost of care and the impact of new treatments
  • New ways of bringing the right messages and information to clinicians and patients
  • Enriched information sources to understand patients, including biomarker data and treatment dynamics

Accelerate Research Efforts and Dramatically Improve Cancer Treatments

Develop and deliver truly innovative cancer treatments by accessing our ever-expanding sources of anonymous patient-level data across geographies.

Leverage cloud-based technology and advanced analytics to extract, analyze and visualize data quickly and effectively.

Increase your organization’s performance by tapping into uniquely rich insights that support all functions, including R&D, HEOR/drug safety and commercial teams.

  • Determine patient segmentation and targeting based on biomarkers and actual clinical practice
  • Size the market accurately to assess brand potential for all tumors across multiple indications
  • Monitor brand performance, new product uptake, launch and therapy adoption globally
  • Evaluate and refine promotional resource allocation
  • Benchmark against competitor performance
  • Optimize oncology products across the lifecycle
  • Gain faster market access for your products

Gain a Holistic View of the Patient that No Single Data Source Can Provide

Multiple data sources provide a single, comprehensive view:

  • Near-census treatment insights
  • Dynamic representation of total patient care
  • Disparate data sources
  • Privacy protection encryption

Get an Unparalleled View of the Cancer Patient’s Diagnosis and Treatment Journey

Create Your Own Oncology RWE Ecosystem

We have access to more than 370 oncology-specific publications and market access, evidence development and submission support in 20+ countries.

Increase Depth of Insights for Biomarker and Genomic Subpopulations

QuintilesIMS works in partnership with Foundation Medicine® to increase depth of insights for biomarker and genomic subpopulations. We provide multiple Real-World Data (RWD) sources relevant for oncology, including:

  • Claims (medical and pharmacy)
    • Patient demographics
    • Prescriptions
    • Cost utilization
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    • Diagnoses/visits/labs/drugs
    • Clinical attributes such as tumor type, stage, histology/morphology

FoundationCORETM comprehensive genomic knowledge base provides:

  • Tumor mutation & biomarker status for 300+ genes in solid tumors, 415+ genes in hematological malignancies
    • At the biomarker level (e.g., EGFR)
    • At the genomic alteration level (e.g., EGFR T790M mutation)

Richer Oncology Insights with Pygargus

With increased demand for outcomes data to guide clinical practice, data extraction from EMRs is still a widely unexploited resource for epidemiological and clinical research based on unselected Real-World Data.

With our unique software Pygargus CXP, we can identify, extract and analyze large amounts of longitudinal data from electronic medical records and support our customers with well-performed analyses of the Real-World Data we capture.

  • Extract EMR data—Identify, extract and structure large amounts of longitudinal data from EMRs in Scandinavia
  • Customize and Link—Link data to various registers at the patient level:
      1. Breast Cancer Registry
      2. Melanoma Cancer Registry
      3. Ovarian Cancer Registry
      4. Leukemia Registry
      5. Prostate Cancer Registry
  • Scientific rigor and academic partnerships—Combine advanced analytical capabilities in partnership with external key opinion leaders and academic groups

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