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Are You Being Heard?

The growth and complexity of sales and communications today is daunting. The industry spends $135B per year on sales and marketing, but are your critical messages being heard by the right people?

Customers need help cutting through the noise. They want to receive valuable information, not be subjected to random acts of marketing. But delivering on this requires precise information.

Make the most of every conversation with QuintilesIMS’s Nexxus™ Commercial Application Suite: cloud-based applications for healthcare and life sciences that integrate sales and marketing activities across the ecosystem.

  • Attract the customers for whom you can deliver the most value
  • Ensure your sales and marketing messages are heard by engaging customers across their preferred channels
  • Refine your approach to elevate customer outreach from marketing campaigns to ongoing conversations
  • Succeed with sales teams aligned on company strategies and motivated to pursue the best opportunities with Nexxus™ Incent

Life Sciences—and Healthcare—Depends on Data

The healthcare industry runs on data. It produces more transactions per day than the New York Stock Exchange. 

Life sciences and healthcare companies need applications that can ingest, transform and analyze vast quantities of data in a manner previously impossible with standard computer architecture or applications. 

To meet these needs QuintilesIMS has developed applications ready for the data-driven world. 

Integrate Sales and Marketing Activities across the Healthcare Ecosystem

Nexxus™ Case Studies

View the stories below to learn how Nexxus™ has solved common challenges in life sciences commercial operations:

Nexxus™ Mobile Intelligence

Nexxus™ Social AETracker

Nexxus™ Marketing - HCP

Nexxus™ Marketing - Consumer

Featured White Papers and Insights

Nexxus Marketing Standard Connectors

Data is a critical component for engagements with healthcare professionals (HCPs). This whitepaper explains how you can optimize customer engagements by gathering information from many different sources and incorporating it into marketing and sales systems.

Managing the Complexities of Incentive Compensation and Territory Management: How does your approach impact the quality of your plan results?

In this paper, QuintilesIMS outlines the four core inputs to any incentive compensation program, reviews the impacts of each input, and identifies areas in which better processes can improve speed, accuracy, and results.

Monitoring Adverse Events in Pharma’s Patient Support Programs

In this white paper, we outline the scale of the challenge and how technology can be deployed to support compliance in adverse event reporting across the various modes of patient engagement.

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