• Revolutionize Healthcare with Real-World Evidence (RWE)

    Build a powerful platform of real-world data (RWD) to provide leading-edge clinical and commercial insights to your entire organization

Capture the $1B Opportunity

RWE is critical throughout the product lifecycle and quantifies the value of innovation and patient care:

Create Your Own RWE Ecosystem

Build a foundation of Real-World Data from expanding sources of anonymous patient-level data across geographies.

Leverage innovative technologies and analytic advances to extract, analyze and visualize data quickly and effectively.

Increase your organization’s performance by tapping into uniquely rich insights that support all functions, including R&D, HEOR, drug safety, pharmaco-epidemiology and commercial teams.

Harness Anonymous Patient-Level Data for Better Decision-Making

Gain unique and compelling insights into diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up with anonymous patient-level data:

  • Answer key questions to create and align around real-world situations and outcomes
  • Increase robustness and timeliness of relevant information, using our larger data sets and groundbreaking technologies for connecting disparate data sets
  • Gain direct-from-patient insights through near real-time interaction with anonymous patient and social media data
  • Improve healthcare performance broadly by strengthening science and business results

Better Together by Design

Go from big data to powerful data by collectively leveraging our best-in-breed capabilities:

  • Real-World Data (RWD)
    Benefit from a unique combination of global data networks, proprietary and third-party assets
  • Technology-Enabled Analytics
    Leverage groundbreaking, built-for-purpose technology applications that enable healthcare RWE
  • Services and Engagement
    Drive better decisions and alignment with best-in-class services and experts who have direct experience deploying RWE

Answer Complex Questions with Our Therapeutic Area Expertise


  • QuintilesIMS CORE Diabetes Model (CDM) is a widely adopted cost-effectiveness model in diabetes
  • Our CDM is a well-validated simulation model that predicts long-term health outcomes and costs in type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • CDM is used in 20+ countries and 80+ peer-reviewed publications and international conference presentations

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  • Rich oncology information assets cover 13+ countries, 3 continents and 25+ primary cancers
  • Our technology-enabled analytics include the largest, most comprehensive oncology platform commercially available in the U.S.
  • RWE & HEOR oncology services include HEOR and pharmaco-epidemiology studies

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RWE Resource Center

AccessPoint: 2017

In this issue, we explore technology-driven breakthroughs and the new uses of evidence that are creating new possibilities for real-world evidence and real-world insights.

Privacy Analytics - Achieving Transparency in Clinical Trials

Attaining true transparency in drug trials calls for a better solution than excessive redaction. Learn the drawbacks and benefits of the different methods for anonymization in clinical trials.

AccessPoint: A Special Oncology Edition

Our latest issue of AccessPoint is focused exclusively on oncology and explores how the use of RWE can improve both patient and system outcomes, as well as investments, in this complex and rapidly evolving landscape.

AccessPoint: Expanding the impact of RWE

11th edition of AccessPoint and the opportunity for you to download a copy for your own use.

Facts Addressing Migraine Market Misperceptions

In this white paper, QuintilesIMS has conducted a retrospective analysis of the overall migraine market size along with cardiovascular risk in the migraine patient population in the U.S.

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RWE Dictionary

Contains over 400 terms—both new RWE and traditional HEOR methods—to provide technical definition as well as common language explanations.


With a history of more than 25 years, our bibliography contains more than 3,000 publications, spanning virtually all therapy areas and projects completed in more than 50 countries worldwide.

See the Advances Happening in RWE

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