Real-World Evidence Solutions & HEOR

Providing outcomes research, economic modeling, real-world evidence (RWE), market access solutions and value communication

The broader healthcare market is now catching up with decades of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) experience showing the value of using real-world insights to enable more efficient healthcare decision making.

Manufacturers that will ultimately succeed will embrace the market challenges of increasing thresholds to demonstrate value for market access, intensifying volume of assessments by national and local stakeholders and engaging with a multitude of external decision makers who are shaping the nature of product assessments.

In anticipating these market challenges, IMS Health has made significant investments to become uniquely positioned to helping you succeed:

  • Largest multi-disciplinary team of HEOR experts, based in 18 countries worldwide
  • Credible scientific voice and deep therapy area knowledge, captured in 200 publications each year
  • Market leadership in developing and adapting robust economic models
  • Most advanced capabilities in real-world evidence management and analysis, leveraging relevant IMS Health proprietary and other third-party data assets
  • Proven expertise in generating and communicating real-world evidence to advance stakeholder engagement at all levels

Today, IMS Health continues to invest in developments delivering results for our clients and positioning them for a strong future:

  • Developing innovative, leading-edge methodologies and RWE data and technologies across geographies and therapy areas
  • Establishing a leadership position through relationships, networks and partnerships to engage and shape the debate on standards
  • Creating several long-term client partnerships, enabling trusted and more efficient working relationships across a broad set of HEOR and RWE priorities
  • Continuing to build a global scientifically credentialed and talented HEOR team with deep multi-disciplinary expertise in local markets
  • Further strengthening our global, scientifically credentialed and talented HEOR team