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Nexxus Social is a cloud-based platform that brings structure, precision and a healthcare focus to unstructured data proliferating across tens of millions of sites worldwide.  

Nexxus Social fully automates social media monitoring and the collection of social media content, which helps you transform this new data source into insights to inform key compliance and commercial decision-making processes.  Its algorithms use semantic—not keyword—search and proprietary ontologies, including patient language, to capture the healthcare-specific content on social networks.

Bring new level of insights to your commercial and compliance challenges:


  • BrandAlert - Measure brand sentiment and share of voice, identify unmet provider and patient needs and provide competitive intelligence.
  • Social Survey - Micro-targeting and virality features via Facebook attract responses faster—and more cost effectively—than traditional surveys.
  • Digital Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) - Identify, rank and visualize digital and social key opinion leaders and integrate them into traditional KOL management and CRM systems to help Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and reps gain real-time insights.


  • AETracker - Advanced adverse event reporting leveraging patent-pending algorithms that use semantic search to capture more healthcare-specific content than keyword searches. Staffed by pharmacists and physicians, our Social Command Center complements this technology to provide around-the-clock, real-time monitoring of adverse events and off-label discussions.
  • CoProtect - Compliance-ready corporate social media listening platform monitors the web and social media to find early warnings, threats and opportunities to help companies manage their online reputations.

Why Nexxus Social:

** 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Ready to be certified by clients.  24/7 Pharmacovigilance support to ensure adverse events are reported within 24 hours. 

IMS Health’s Social Media Analytics Solution Ranked as a Market Leader by IDC Health Insights
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