Get Sales Teams on the Same Page with Unified Sales Data and Management Tools

The Nexxus Commercial Application Suite provides cloud-based, integrated sales planning and management applications to help commercial teams optimize complex sales channels and activities from end to end.   

Nexxus connects multiple sales management tools and data sources. A user-friendly cloud-based environment lets sales teams manage sales strategies, performance, compensation, account and territory planning, daily field sales activity, education and reporting with sales data from any source.



Streamline setup, deployment and management of sales planning activities:  

Territory Alignment- Integrates territory information, provider pinpointing and segmentation, and call planning activities—streamlining and simplifying resource deployment and management.

  • Roster Management - Seamlessly integrate with territory alignment, call planning and resource optimization applications.
  • Call Planning - Leverage granular provider and anonymous patient-level data to design more effective call plans.


Enable effective management of territories and delivery and tracking of interactive face-to-face interactions for field-based personnel:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Ensure sales reps have convenient, secure access to the tools and information  needed to strengthen customer relationships.
  • Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) - Arm healthcare providers with engaging, interactive content such as videos, interactive brochures and other sales aids—directly from an iPad.
  • Add marketing and social insights to your communications to convert your sales reps into trusted advisors for your customers.


Administer, deploy and track incentives that are effectively aligned with company objectives:

Why Nexxus Sales:

** All claims made with respect to performance and outcomes are illustrative based on prior client case studies. Results portrayed may not be the results others achieve using our products and services. 

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