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Delivering on the Promise of Mobile Health

With 40,000 health and fitness apps and counting, mobile health technology brings with it the promise of returning patients to their rightful place—at the center of decision-making and care. As fun as apps can be, there are serious issues that must be considered when it comes to developing and using apps related to health.

Which apps are most effective? Which apps have proper privacy and security controls? Does the app transmit information to other health records or help coordinate care?

IMS Health is creating the infrastructure needed to address these issues and to enable mobile health to be as integral to care management as medicines and other therapies.

In order for health apps to evolve from novelty to mainstream and become fully integrated in patient care, four issues must be addressed:

  • Recognition of the role that apps can play in healthcare by payers and providers. They won't likely replace human care—but can help strengthen it.
  • Security and privacy assurances in place between providers, patients and health app developers.
  • Systematic curation and evaluation of apps that can provide physicians and patients with value-added information about the apps to aid decision-making.
  • Integration of apps into other aspects of patient care, including electronic medical records (EMRs) and patient portals.

We’ve combined the most real-world data and evidence in healthcare today with the industry’s most secure development, hosting and prescribing platform to make mobile health apps safer, more effective and easier to prescribe.

Learn more about our applications and services that are revolutionizing mobile health:

  • AppScript™: a secure, cloud-hosted mobile health prescribing solution that helps providers create custom app formularies to prescribe, reconcile and track mobile medical apps.
  • AppNucleus™: the industry’s most secure app development and hosting platform that offers a flexible, cloud-based publishing platform and pre-built secure messaging, personal health record/wallet and survey tools.


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