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Sales & Promotional Effectiveness

Gain Immediate Insights at Every Level

Directly impact performance with detailed tracking data:


Improve Sales and Promotional Outcomes with Our Best-in-Breed Capabilities

  • Drive better decisions and alignment with our global team of experts who find you the right data
  • Build a foundation of clean, reliable and compliant data from ever-expanding global sources
  • Leverage innovative technology and analytic advances to extract, analyze and visualize data quickly and effectively

Maximize the Performance of Your Sales Force 

  • Identify and measure market potential
  • Efficiently deploy sales reps against market potential and target customers
  • Direct sales activities with clear and concise call plans
  • Effectively monitor sales performance
  • Design bonus and compensation schemes that motivate your sales force

Optimize Resources with Sophisticated Provider Targeting

  • Accurately segment providers and optimize resources by seamlessly linking prescription and provider data
  • Target areas of greatest opportunity using prescribing trends by provider and patient type
  • Manage all of your data with IMS One—the intelligent cloud for healthcare—and derive insights that drive better sales performance

Achieve a Stronger ROI from Your Sales Programs

Improve your sales force performance by evaluating targeting and performance information at the territory, outlet, prescriber and plan levels in more than 50 countries:

  • Profile, segment and target customers via value metrics
  • Evaluate sales strategies
  • Track performance
  • Align territories and effectively size your sales force

Understand, Drive and Reward Performance

Better align incentive programs to brand strategies, corporate values, sales roles and regulatory requirements:

  • Improve speed to payout by as much as six weeks—motivating the sales force with faster feedback and compensation
  • Increase accuracy with fewer vendor handoffs
  • Access novel data measures, such as patient and plan, without long contracts or massive data files
  • Adapt to plan changes quickly with software that business users can easily configure
  • Use built-in analytics and consulting support to gain better insight into sales force performance

Design and Implement More Effective Call Plans

  • Seamlessly link call plans with crucial inputs—including targeting and segmentation of providers and optimization of sales resources
  • Deliver call support via iPad at the point of interaction—putting valuable prescriber insights and detailing resources at sales reps’ fingertips
  • Derive sophisticated insights to continually direct sales professionals’ time and resources to the most important providers
  • Enable sales professionals to provide call plan feedback that automatically updates other applications via IMS One

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Promotional Spend by Understanding What Works...and What Doesn't 

Improve customer engagement and messaging to physicians, payers and consumers in every market. QuintilesIMS helps you:

  • Understand the effectiveness of your promotions globally, across multiple channels
  • Identify key influencers that will drive uptake of your products

Track the Effectiveness of Your Multichannel Marketing with a Single Source

Understand and track the effectiveness of your promotional efforts across your entire stakeholder audience: prescribers, payers and patients.

QuintilesIMS is an industry leader in providing the granular information, detailed metrics, and technology infrastructure required to measure the effectiveness of all channels, including digital.

Invest in Tools to Measure Performance in the Evolving Multichannel Landscape

With ChannelDynamics™, gain new insights into competitive channel marketing:

  • Benchmark multichannel marketing performance
  • Develop competitive SWOT analyses
  • Identify "best practice" marketing tactics
  • Plan and adapt marketing channel strategies

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