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QuintilesIMS Delivers Integrated Information and Technology Solutions to Drive Healthcare Forward

Around the world healthcare stakeholders are working to improve real-world patient outcomes through treatment innovations, care provision and access to healthcare. For the information, technology and service solutions they need to drive new insights and approaches, they count on QuintilesIMS. With a global team of 50,000, we harness insights, commercial and scientific depth, and executional expertise to empower clients to achieve some of their most important goals: Improving clinical, scientific and commercial results. Realizing the full potential of innovations. And, ultimately, driving healthcare forward.

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Driving Healthcare Performance in Slovakia

Established in 1992, first in Czechoslovakia and after the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia - in Slovak Republic, QuintilesIMS Slovakia provides analytical and commercial services as well as consulting solutions.

Having started with the pharmacy based audit, QuintilesIMS Slovakia made a significant investment by introducing prescription-based services to help clients gain a deeper understanding of treatment patterns. Furthermore, by launching an enhanced sell-out offering in 2013, QuintilesIMS Slovakia addressed the need to provide data for measuring final drug consumption level.

During the last two decades, QuintilesIMS Slovakia has witnessed the changes and development of the local market. In 2013, the Slovak pharmaceutical market experienced a 6% growth reaching € 1,166 million in manufacturer prices. The leading therapy area of the Slovak market in 2013 continued to be Antineoplastic and Immunomodulating therapy class which is the main contributor to the market growth whilst the second biggest category, Cardiovascular medicines, is declining. In 2013, generic products represented close to 50% the volume and over 25% in value of the Slovak pharmaceutical market.