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Launch & Brand Excellence

Understand the Key Drivers of Product Uptake Globally

Plan effectively for a successful launch by understanding longer-term trends and recent market dynamics.

Work with a recognized industry leader in launch expertise. We have been involved in more than 150 product launches and understand what it takes to successfully launch a brand globally—and will help ensure that all five drivers of product uptake are addressed during launch preparation and execution.

Prime Your Brand for Market Success

Share the heavy demands of your launch with a partner with an established track record and demonstrated success in the global market.

The First Six Months of Launch May Determine Your Future

Decades of analyzing launches continue to show most market opportunities are defined in the first 6 months of launch. Even perfectly planned launches require modifications.  

By monitoring launch performance dynamically through advanced analytics and technologies, we can help you ensure your brand's launch stays on track.

Get access to rapid updates on key launch performance metrics, including approval, access, adoption, adherence and advocacy. 

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Benefit from Our Launch Expertise in Your Organization

Successful launches require effective program management to align both internal and external stakeholders and ensure effective uptake of your brand globally. Our experienced launch team will provide expert guidance, implement proven methodologies and leverage advanced technologies to support your entire organization for successful launch preparation and execution.

Case Study: Number-One Market Share Grab for Third Entrant


  • 3 central nervous system (CNS) product launches over 18 months across 5 countries
  • Need to adapt global positioning to unique local market requirements
  • Scale, relationship and expertise disadvantage compared to leading brands


  • Initiated organizational alignment and readiness 24 months ahead of launch
  • Key patient insight led to differentiated positioning with KOLs and payers
  • Superior uptake compared to earlier competitive launches

Enable a Single Version of the Truth with Effective Data Management and Advanced Technologies

  • Easy-to-use launch dashboard to track activities, interdependencies, responsibilities and timelines
  • A framework for understanding the market and creating a winning strategy
  • Relevant, insightful and actionable leading KPIs integrated in a dashboard to define and track launch success 

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